Meet the team

Europe by Rail: the definitive guide for independent travellers

Since 2010, successive editions of Europe by Rail have been coordinated and prepared by Susanne Kries and Nicky Gardner, who together run a Berlin-based editorial bureau called hidden europe. With the 14th edition (published in June 2016), legacy texts from older editions – penned by a variety of authors – have been pretty well entirely replaced with completely new journey descriptions. So, with a more uniform authorial voice, the book now showcases that distinctive style of well-informed narrative travel writing which has been the hallmark of work by Nicky and Susanne.

Together, the two women edit hidden europe magazine. Words and images by Nicky and Susanne have featured regularly in many European media, often with a focus on rail travel to far-flung parts of the continent. Their work has been translated into many other European languages: German, Italian, Basque, Polish, Russian and many more besides. Both Susanne and Nicky are keen travellers who enjoy nothing more than exploring Europe by train from their base in the German capital of Berlin.

Of course the authors relied heavily on many other folk who moved heaven and earth to transform Europe by Rail. Tim and Anne Locke were wise counsellors at the planning stage for the 12th edition, and sat for some days with the editors around a table in Berlin, helping to redefine the scope of the book. Tim had of course been editor of earlier editions of Europe by Rail. Berlin-based writer Paul Scraton worked with Susanne and Nicky on the 12th and 13th editions. He gave valuable advice on a near-final draft of the 14th edition. So too did Nigel Roberts, a UK-based writer with a particular interest in eastern Europe.

Most of the routes in this 2016 edition of Europe by Rail are entirely new. Susanne and Nicky were alone responsible for the selection of journeys for inclusion. Each route is cross-referenced to timetable information, derived in the main from the European Rail Timetable. Susanne and Nicky wish to record their appreciation to the team who produce that monthly timetable for their painstaking commitment to a publication which inspires like no other. So a round of applause for Peter Bass, Brendan Fox, John Potter, Reuben Turner, David Turpie and Chris Woodcock. A special word of thanks for John Potter, Director of European Rail Timetable Limited (ERT Ltd) for supporting the Europe by Rail project. Thanks are also due to Jamie Andrews and Kate Andrews of the ticket retailer for their assistance in giving visibility to the 14th edition of Europe by Rail.

Nicky and Susanne are now preparing the 15th edition of Europe by Rail which will be published in late 2017. An announcement will be made in spring 2017, giving details of sales and distribution arrangements for the 15th edition. Meanwhile, retailers interested in stocking the 15th edition are invited to contact Nicky or Susanne at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..