Newslines: timetable updates

Courtesy of the European Rail Timetable Team

Newslines archive

Each new edition of the European Rail Timetable (ERT) includes a really useful section called Newslines. Compiled each month by John Potter and Chris Woodcock at ERT, Newslines highlights significant new developments in European rail travel and previews upcoming changes in service patterns. As a courtesy to readers of our Europe by Rail book, we present here the Newslines files which you can download below.

This information is of course no substitute for acquiring your own copy of each new edition of the European Rail Timetable. The book is a masterpiece of compression and, even in these days of information overload on the internet, we would never dream of setting out from home without the latest copy of the ERT.

In our Newslines archive, you’ll find every monthly edition since the ERT resumed republication in March 2014. You’ll also find a piece of publishing history, as we also have here the last 28 editions of Newslines from Thomas Cook days. Brendan Fox compiled Newslines until Thomas Cook closed its publishing division in late summer 2013. Our archive thus also includes the monthly Newslines from May 2011 until August 2013 inclusive.

It is interesting (remarkable even) that the very final Newslines from the Thomas Cook era simply makes no mention that the August 2013 edition of the timetable was to be the very last edition of the ERT produced under the Thomas Cook imprint. It was almost as if 140 years of publishing history counted for nothing (for, yes, the very first issue of the ERT appeared in 1873). We, like so many dedicated rail travellers in Europe, are mightily grateful to John Potter and his team for picking up the baton which was so carelessly discarded by Thomas Cook.