Routes covering country: Hungary

Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide
We set out by train from Budapest to Split and then take the ferry to Dubrovnik on Croatia's Adriatic coast. This journey for Europe by Rail retraces a pilgrimage of yesteryear – but one which remains enduringly popular with residents of Budapest today.
Route 52 takes us from Debrecen to Lviv, crossing areas the very names of which evoke a sense of history: Transylvania and Bukovina. It is a route for pros - one that really takes you off the beaten track.
The rail journey from Hamburg to Budapest can be completed in a long day. The sole direct service between the two cities takes just under 14 hours for a journey of about 1,300 km.
The journey from Budapest to the Ukrainian city of Lviv (Львів) takes in Habsburg lands not often visited by travellers from western Europe. This is a route which traverses religious, linguistic and cultural borderlands.
Trotsky travelled south from Budapest in 1912 in order to report on the Balkan Wars for the newspaper 'Kievskaya Mysl'. He nicely captured the essence of the journey with the observation in his diary that “although the railway line from Budapest to Belgrade proceeds mainly in a southerly direction, from the cultural standpoint one moves eastward.”