Routes covering country: Spain

Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide
If it were ever possible to make a pilgrimage by rail, this is it. Santiago de Compostela has been the goal for millions of pilgrims over many centuries, walking the various routes from France and across northern Spain that have come to be collectively known as the Camino de Santiago or the Route of St James.
The railway is a fine way to take the pulse of Portugal and this route is designed to do just that. Route 23 is the sole journey in this book which crosses the Spanish-Portuguese border.
Route 17 in Europe by Rail is for those less inclined to hurry. It is a leisurely amble through some of Atlantic Europe’s most striking cultural landscapes: the Loire Valley, Aquitaine and the Basque region.
The route we follow here from Paris to Barcelona is a more traditional approach to the Pyrenees and northern Spain, one much favoured by travellers of yesteryear. It criss-crosses France's Route Nationale 20 more than a dozen times.
The train journey from Geneva to Barcelona is one of the finest excursions in this volume. It is a good practical way of covering a lot of ground, but it also takes in a wonderful medley of landscapes.
If you have a few hours to spare you get get to southern Spain by taking the old rail route that runs through the gorge at Despeñaperros. Route 20 is truly one of Europe’s finest rail journeys, and it’s a creative way of linking Barcelona with southern Spain..
Our journey as presented here in Route 21 was made possible with the completion of the new fast line from Barcelona to Madrid in 2008. While our natural inclination is to avoid high-speed lines, this route for Europe by Rail really plugs a gap – and it’s an enjoyable run.