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Archive: 2023
published on 15 July 2023
Would it not be so much better if dozens of cars could be loaded onto a car train so that parents and kids could cruise to their holiday destinations in comfort during the day? Just think of the carbon emissions saved. A half century ago, there was just such a train. It was called the Christoforus Express. We take a look at car trains of yesteryear, focusing on daytime services where motorists could sit back and let the train take the strain.
published on 8 July 2023
July 2023 sees changes to train services in Italy, France and Spain with a number of important new routes launched. They include Naples to Bari, Madrid to Marseille and Lyon to Barcelona.
published on 7 July 2023
New supplies of our book "Europe by Rail: the Definitive Guide" are now available. The July 2023 reprint of the 17th edition of this best-selling title can be purchased through good bookshops and many online sales channels. "Europe by Rail" is the perfect guide for travellers looking to make the most of an Interrail or a Eurail pass.
published on 6 July 2023
In December 2022 a new weekly train service was launched from Bordeaux to Germany. For summer 2023, there is now a second weekly train direct from Aquitaine to Germany.
Practical Info
published on 5 July 2023
We unravel here the mysteries surrounding travel classes on trains and explain which class you can choose with your Interrail or Eurail pass. While most European trains offer only one or two classes of service, there are a number of important exceptions.
published on 2 July 2023
With the new Italian rail timetables which started on 11 June, there are now eight premium trains each day running down to the toe of Italy. So this summer, the fierce competition between Trenitalia and Italo on this main route south from Naples ramps up with both operators extending their market reach by serving new communities.